Noir Horror Game ‘White Night’ Arrives on iOS This Fall

Previously released to plenty of acclaim on PC and consoles, OSome Studio’s White Night is finally coming to iOS this fall courtesy of publisher Playdigious (Mini Metro, Evoland).

Set in Boston in the 1930’s, White Night is a noir-themed survival horror game that centers around a detective who, after a car accident in the dead of night, is forced to take shelter in a sinister old mansion. Given the setting and genre, I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that whoever or whatever the gumshoe encounters in the shadowy confines of the mansion isn’t gonna be friendly, and that he’ll probably have to solve some sort of convoluted mystery in order to make it out of there with his life.

The trailer doesn’t give away too much about White Night’s story or gameplay, but I am really liking the creepy atmosphere and starkly stylish black-and-white visuals on display. Playdigious’ press release also mentions that this iOS version of the game is a “true adaptation for mobile,” which will feature platform-specific improvements over the PC/console release, including revamped controls, a more forgiving save system and an overhauled interface. So it should play just as good as it looks!

To be notified as soon as White Night hits the App Store (and score a free digital copy of the game’s OST), be sure to pre-register your interest in it over on Playdigious’ site.