Non-Violent Stealth Game El Hijo – A Wild West Tale Out Now on the App Store

Fans of stealth games have a special treat waiting for them on the App Store right now. That’s because El Hijo – A Wild West Tale from HandyGames has just launched for iOS. And it looks pretty darn good.

The game sees you playing as a six year old boy – the El Hijo of the title – who’s been separated from his mother. It’s up to you to guide him back to her, sneaking past guards and solving puzzles as you go.

The big twist here is that there’s no violence. You are, after all, playing as a small child. Instead you’ve got some special toys you can distract the guards with, and the ingenuity of youth on your side. Here’s a trailer.

There’s a good deal of hiding in the shadows to be done, across a number of different locations ranging from a monastery to the dusty desert. There are other children to free as well. And it’s all pushed along by a pretty exciting story.

El Hijo – A Wild West Tale is available right now from the App Store as a premium game. It’ll set you back $9.99. You can click here to download El Hijo – A Wild West Tale from the App Store right this second.