Numerity Review

A montage of numbers. That’s Numerity (out now, $0.99).

You are presented a board full of numbers. Some are big, some are small, and some are so tiny you’ll have to either squint to spot them or zoom in. Others are sleeping on their sides. Your objective is to find and tap the numbers you’re prompted for, which will ultimately reveal the hidden picture.

screen480x480This hidden objects game may appear simple, especially at the start, and perhaps even tedious due to its very repetitive nature. Unlike other games in which you have to find every single instance of an object, in Numerity you only need to tap once for each number. This somewhat reduces the monotony. As you proceed up the levels though, fewer numbers will light up with each digit you pick out. And when you have to spot tinier numbers, you’ll have to zoom in more often, which means you’ll see less of the bigger picture.

From the second pack of number pictures onwards (each pack has ten pictures), you’ll have to sometimes sort through simple mathematical problems involving addition, multiplication, and subtraction (with the end result being the number you should search for). Later, the number board will slowly move, which makes it harder for you to spot numbers. The background color will also change with each set of pictures.

Currently, Numerity comes with 50 levels. It looks like a great game for kids to both have fun and learn a bit about numbers.

iFanzine Verdict: Numerity isn’t for those who are impatient or dislike hidden object games. It is repetitive, which will make it rather dull and tiresome to some, but it is well made. If you enjoy such games, you may find it relaxing. Though there’s a timer, it is only for your reference and you are never pressured to complete a level within a certain time. The mathematical problems give an added dimension to the otherwise straightforward task of finding numbers, without at all being mind-boggling.