Check Out This Stylish New Trailer for ‘Oceanhorn: Game of the Year Edition’


The new trailer for Oceanhorn’s imminent ‘Game of the Year Edition’ update is so well put together that after watching it, I had the urge to make my way directly to the App Store and grab a copy, despite the fact that I already own the game and have played through it multiple times!

If you haven’t seen it yet, the trailer showcases a selection of Oceanhorn’s most breathtaking scenes while sound bites of well-known YouTube game reviewers singing the game’s praises play in the background. The trailer also offers a few fleeting glimpses of the Game of the Year Edition’s new content.

The video is accompanied by a message from developer Cornfox & Bros. and publisher FDG Entertainment in which they express their gratitude to everyone who helped make Oceanhorn such a massive hit

A big “THANK YOU” goes out to all our fans, YouTubers, bloggers and editors who loved and supported Oceanhorn! Your noise made it possible — this update is for you.

I guess that “thank you” extends to iFanzine’s Gwen Phua, since she gave Oceanhorn an absolutely glowing appraisal back when it was originally released. Here’s a choice quote from her 4.5 star review: “Oceanhorn is a must buy for anyone who enjoys action-adventure games, including Zelda fans. The game is well designed…and will offer you many hours of entertainment.”

While a solid release date hasn’t been announced for Oceanhorn: Game of the Year Edition yet — the official word is that it’s “coming soon” — we do know that whenever it arrives, it will be made available as a free update for existing users and will come packing a ton of new content and features. Fans can look forward to enhanced graphics, 64-bit support, an all-new location called the Island of Whispers (which boasts a dynamic weather system), and a totally excellent looking fishing mini-game, some of which can be seen in the trailer: