L.O.L. Surprise! Club House official screenshot.

Oculist’s L.O.L. Surprise! Club House is Out Now on iOS

L.O.L. Surprise! Club House has just arrived on the App Store, courtesy of Oculist. Parents will know these best as the creators of simple and funny games for kids.

Its most popular titles include Masha and the Bear, and Vlad and Niki. L.O.L. Surprise! Club House is the latest entry in the L.O.L. Surprise series, which also includes Beauty Salon.

What’s L.O.L. Surprise! Club House?

L.O.L. Surprise! Club House features your favourite dolls from the series. It’s aimed at a younger audience, and sees you taking care of princess dolls and nurturing their hobbies.

Each doll has its own unique skill, which they showcase in various different workshops. These take the form of minigames, which you can play to to help them unlock their hidden talents.

As you do so, you earn a variety of different rewards. Each workshop has a series of tasks that you can complete to get these, so it should keep you, or your young one, busy for some time.

How Much Is It?

You can download L.O.L. Surprise! Club House for free, with optional IAPs ranging from $1.99 all the way up to $19.99. These include two different subscriptions and crystals.

Crystals are the in-game currency that you can spend on items and progressing faster throughout the game. It’s entirely optional though.

Where Can I Get It?

You can grab L.O.L. Surprise! Club House from the App Store right now for free. You can also check out a complete list of Oculist’s games via its dedicated App Store page.

Alternatively, you could check out the other game in the series, L.O.L. Surprise! Beauty Salon. This also features a wide variety of princess dolls, but focuses on dressing them up.

You can style their hair, dress them in various outfits, and customise their make up until you’re happy with them. Again, this is suitable for a younger audience and you can grab it from the App Store.