Old School RuneScape’s First League, Twisted League, Launches in November

Jagex just emailed us to remind us of the awesome Old School RuneScape Mobile anniversary event happening in-game right now, but they also announced the tiny fact that the game’s first upcoming League, Twisted League, will launch in November.

Leagues is an upcoming new feature that Jagex first revealed for Old School RuneScape back in September. It will offer numerous different ways to play the classic game, with you starting a new character from scratch for each particular League and completing tasks for Relics.

RuneScape Leagues Last For Two Months and Provide Numerous Different Challenges in Exchange For Exclusive Rewards

Relics provide League-specific buffs, which can help customise the way you play. They might boost your experience points gained, help you perform better in combat, or may even increase your chances of gaining a rare drop.

You get a Relic when you initially start a League, allowing you to form an early strategy for how you plan to complete the challenges ahead.

The first League, the Twisted League, begins sometime in November and will run for two months. It challenges players to start from scratch as an Ironman locked to the Kourend and Kebos regions, where you’ll have to complete tasks for points, which you can exchange for Relics and other rewards.

You can learn more about the Twisted League in the official blog post. Or, you can get started on Old School RuneScape right now by grabbing it from the App Store.