Old School RuneScape’s Twisted League is Live Right Now

Old School RuneScape has received its very first League, the Twisted League, which is out right now on iOS.

The Twisted League tasks you with playing as an Ironman locked to Kebos and Kourend, and provides you with numerous challenges to beat.

Twisted League Casts You as an Ironman Locked to Kebos and Kourend

Beat challenges and you’ll earn points, which you can spend on relics that basically act as buffs, allowing you to perform better and beat more challenges.

The Twisted League lasts for two months starting November 14, and will provide you with numerous exclusive rewards for participating, including Armour Sets, Pets, and more.

Grab Old School RuneScape on the App Store right now, or learn more about the Twisted League by reading the official blog post. We’ve also included the very informative explanation video above.