Om Nom: Merge is a Spiritual Successor to Cut the Rope Featuring the Same Characters, Out Now on iOS

Cut the Rope developer ZeptoLab has just released a somewhat sequel to the classic puzzler, Om Nom: Merge, which features many of the same characters.

You play as Om Nom itself, who’s striving to save a forest from being overrun by fruit. How do you achieve that? Well, by merging creatures called Nommies to eat them for you.

Om Nom: Merge Features Dozens of Nommies to Collect

There’s just far too much fruit for Om Nom to eat all by itself, so you’ll help it enlist a bunch of Nommies to help you. You’ll merge them together to create new species, with dozens to find along the way.

You’ll also explore a bunch of different locations as you beat level after level. There’s a lot to see and do in Om Nom: Merge, so it should keep you busy for some time.

You can grab it right now from the App Store if you’re interested, and we thoroughly recommend it.