Om Nom: Run is an Endless Runner From the Cut the Rope Devs

Just when you thought the world was over endless runners, Om Nom: Run pops up on the App Store. It’s the sort of game you just want to play, thanks to its simple controls and cartoon graphics.

As you might be able to tell from the game’s name, you play as Om Nom, star of the Cut the Rope games. It’s up to you to lead the podgy green critter through a series of obstacles, collecting coins as you go.

There are a few interesting twists to the formula here. For one thing there are stunt ramps that get you extra points. There are rockets that access special areas, bouncy legs that let you jump higher and much, much more.

The game lets you play missions or an endless mode. The endless mode lets you work your way up an online leaderboard, while the missions mode gives you challenges to complete to get more rewards.

It might not be the most original game in the world, but what did you expect from an endless runner starring one of the most recognisable characters in mobile gaming?

There are loads of characters to unlock, each adding their own little twist to the gameplay. You’re going to need to grind to get them though, because they don’t come cheap.

Om Nom: Run is available from the App Store right this second for free. Click here and you’ll be able to pick Om Nom: Run up and play it for yourself. So long as you don’t expect anything earth shattering, we reckon you’ll have a decent time with it as well.