Omega Strikers

Omega Strikers Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies

On the lookout for Omega Strikers Beginner’s Guide? The recent launch of Omega Strikers has seen players clamouring for the opportunity to play the 3v3 knockout striker game. Available on PC, with iOS and Android to follow, players choose their character and apply a range of special abilities to score goals in this fast-paced game.

Omega Strikers is fully cross-platform, with console versions in the works. This means you could be playing against players using touchscreens, keyboards, or controllers. And, as in any sports match, preparation is key to ensuring victory. Our Omega Strikers Beginner’s Guide will help you get the most out of the game.

Omega Strikers Beginner’s Guide

Let’s dive into the guide at hand…

Understanding the Controls

Understanding the controls in Omega Strikers
Image source: Odyssey Interactive

It might seem obvious, but getting to grips with the controls is an absolute must if you want to be successful. Odyssey Interactive has purposely tried to make the game accessible, but we strongly recommend taking the time to master the basics.

Take Aim

It’s tempting to just hit and hope at every opportunity you get. So taking the time to aim can really pay dividends. Aiming for the corners of the goal gives you the best chance of scoring directly. And if the goalkeeper manages to block your shot, there’s an increased chance of them being out of position to save a follow-up shot.

Timing is Everything

Much as aiming is critical, so too is timing when you strike the core. One suggestion is to let your opponent strike first so that you can react while they cannot respond.

Stay in Position

Just as importantly, each character in Omega Strikers has its own unique set of skills and abilities. So learning their strengths and how to implement those skills is essential if you want to take advantage of their talents.

This also means not playing out of position. If you’re a goalkeeper, don’t hesitate to run off up the pitch. Meanwhile, a forward must stay forward to put pressure on their opponents. They’ll be far more effective in the right part of the pitch.

Take Advantage of Knockouts

Knocking an opponent out means they are off the pitch for five seconds, giving you a numerical advantage. A great time to use this is the kickoff when your opponent will be near the edge of the pitch. A quick hit can knock them out, leaving you with a much better chance of scoring.

Choose the Best Team

Choose the best team in Omega Strikers
Image source: Odyssey Interactive

Speaking of talents, it’s well worth figuring out what your preferred style of play is and then building your team around this. Do you, for example, want to build a team based on speed and dodging your opponents’ attacks? Or are you more inclined to build a defensively strong team that can blunt the opposition?

At the start of the game, you’ll have access to just four strikers: Dubs, Estelle, Juliette, and Kai. But over time, you will earn the chance to add other characters to your roster (there are currently ten listed on the Omega Strikers homepage). Which ones you decide to go for may well be influenced by the sort of team you want to build.

Get Your Training Right in Omega Strikers

Get your training right in Omega Strikers
Image source: Odyssey Interactive

So you’ve figured out how to control your players. You know which ones suit your style best. Now it’s time to develop their abilities to complement all this. This is where Omega Strikers Trainings come in.

The Training page allows you to select a range of passive buffs for your character, which augment your player’s basic abilities. These come in a range of categories:

  • Brawler
  • Controller
  • Sniper
  • Specialist
  • Speedster

Choosing which Training you want for your character is essential to get the most out of your gameplay. There’s little point in selecting an extra size if your style is built around speed, for example.

And if you play in different positions, then you’ll probably want different builds for each position.

It’s also worth noting that the more you play Omega Strikers, the more Training sessions will become available to you to pick from. Which, in turn, leads to stronger characters.

Hopefully, these tips will help you find your feet in Omega Strikers. And there are plenty of other guides and walkthroughs on iFanzine.