OMG, iOS Games for Free! — Gravity Maze & Astronomica!

Put away your wallets and get ready to have some fun, because it’s time for yet another edition ofdrum roll, please…  OMG, iOS Games for Free! Today’s trip to the App Store turned up two more totally awesome and totally free iOS games for you to try — a beautiful and atmospheric physics-based puzzler and a pretty sweet sci fi-themed sidescroller. Check ’em out —

Gravity Maze: It’ll most likely be Gravity Maze’s striking monochromatic visuals that first grab your attention, but trust me, this absolutely a-maze-ing game (geddit?) boasts substance as well as style. 45 levels worth of physics-based puzzling fun for free? Sounds good to me! Geemzo have made Gravity Maze free for a limited time in association with APP-O-DAY. Download from the App Store.

Astronomica!: MYRiX Studios’ Astronomica! sees players piloting a space craft through the eponymous Astronomica system in search of a precious commodity called Myron. Duck and dive increasingly nasty extraterrestrial enemies across three diverse worlds! (Thanks for the tip earlier on Twitter, MYRiX!) Download from the App Store.

Please note promotional prices were correct at the time of publication but are subject to change without prior notice. If you are an iOS game developer and would like your game featured in a future installment of ‘OMG, iOS Games for Free’ — or indeed anywhere else on our site — please do get in touch.