OMG, iOS Games for Free! — Rinth Island, Final Freeway & Doodle Fire!

Greetings freebie lovers, and welcome to another edition of OMG, iOS Games for Free!, the daily iFanzine news feature in which we trawl the virtual aisles of the App Store for the very best games that’ll cost you fine folks zero, zilch, nada, absolutely nothing! Today’s trio of freebies features a practically perfect puzzle-platformer, an awesome Outrun-esque racer, and a super hot doodle game.

Rinth Island: If you cast your mind back to March, you’ll recall we fell head over heels in love with this doozy of a puzzle platformer from Buzz Monkey and Chillingo. From its “creative and brain-stumping level design” to impressive “presentational oomph,” Rinth really is a must-have. Seriously, nabbing this one while it’s free is a no-brainer, folks. Download from the App Store.

Final Freeway: This fun, fast-paced racer from Davide Pasca pays loving homage to old-school arcade classic OutRun, nailing the frantic feel and blistering sense of speed that made the original such an enduring hit. Final Freeway generally retails for a buck, so act quick if you want to grab this for free. Download from the App Store.

Doodle Fire: JUUQ Mobile’s Doodle Fire is a quirky little game which boasts delightfully intuitive controls and an utterly gorgeous, doodle-inspired visual style. The premise is pretty straightforward: you play as a duo of fire-fighters tasked with saving people (and cats and dogs!) as they leap from burning buildings. Download from the App Store.

Please note promotional prices were correct at the time of publication but are subject to change without prior notice. If you are an iOS game developer and would like your game featured in a future installment of ‘OMG, iOS Games for Free’ — or indeed anywhere else on our site — please do get in touch.