OMG, iOS Games for Free! — Tesla Overdrive, Up to the Top & FANTASYxRUNNERS!

After a brief hiatus, our daily free games round-up returns! And, boy oh boy, we picked up some absolutely great games on our latest trip up and down the virtual aisles of the App Store. Today’s haul of freebies includes the concluding part of Aztlan Games’ (unofficial) science fiction-y trilogy, one of iFanzine’s all-time favorite iOS platformers, and a fantastically fun take on the endless running genre.

Tesla Overdrive: Aztlan Games, the indie studio behind Multipods: Escalation and Vermes on Mars, swoop back onto the App Store with Tesla Overdrive, an action-packed, teslapunk-styled shoot-’em-up. In this thrilling free game you’re tasked with travelling as far as possible through space to face the menaces that await you in the no-man’s land surrounding Earth, the Moon, Mars and beyond! Download from the App Store.

Up to the Top: An update to Pixeleap’s charming and surprisingly challenging platformer Up to the Top hasn’t quite been 65 million years in the making, but it has taken a lot longer than originally expected to arrive (primarily due to the guys working on a massively intriguing new project, “Nature Punk”). The good news is that new content is expected to hit very soon, and Up to the Top is available absolutely free for a limited time to celebrate. Download from the App Store.

FantasyxRunners: Moonrabbit inject some much-needed depth (and neat RPG-like elements) into the endless running genre with their latest title FantasyxRunners! This must-have game has just had its price-tag slashed into non-existence thanks to You know what to do… Download from the App Store.

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