OMG, iOS Games Gone Free: Death Rally, Tiny Heroes, My Paper Plane 3 and More!

Hello, and welcome to another absolutely jam-packed installment of ‘OMG, iOS Games Gone Free’ — our all-new daily news featurette in which team iFanzine trawl the virtual aisles of the App Store and track down the latest and greatest games that have had their price-tags slashed to nada, nothing, zilch. Y’know, so you don’t have to.

I picked up an excellent haul of titles again today, which, of course, set me back a grand total of …cha-ching!… $0.00. Here are the spoils of today’s shopping trip —

Death Rally By Remedy Entertainment Ltd (RRP: $0.99): It’s no secret that we love Death Rally to, well, death around these parts. Since we reviewed the game back in April of last year and awarded it a stonking 4.5 stars, Remedy have released a steady slew of updates which, amongst other things, added an awesome multiplayer mode into the mix. If you only download one game from today’s list of freebies, make it Death Rally!

Tiny Heroes By Simutronics Corp (RRP: $2.99): However, if you go nuts and grab two games, this top-rated tower defence title from David Whatley and the Simutronics team is also something of a must-have — particularly for fans of Plants VS Zombies-style cartoony carnage.

Half Breed By Tricasa, LLC (RRP: tba): Designed by an active duty soldier during his down time in Iraq, Half Breed is a high-octane shooter that casts players as a tooled-up half-man/half-alien hybrid up against a marauding extraterrestrial army. Highlights include a multiplayer co-op mode and upgradable weaponry and special powers like invisibility and telekinesis.

Modern War By Funzio, Inc (RRP: $0.99): Lead your country and crush your enemies in this thrilling next-gen MMOWG (that’s a Massively Multiplayer Online War Game, in layman’s terms). Stunning visuals and gripping gameplay make this one a standout.

My Paper Plane 3 By Wavecade (RRP: $0.99): WooHoo, Wavecade’s acclaimed My Paper Plane series of games finally lands on iOS! This threequel sees you using intuitive tilt controls to guide a paper airplane through topsy-turvy aerial obstacle courses whilst collecting stars and power-ups and racking up a high-score.

Please note promotional prices were correct at the time of publication but are subject to change without prior notice. If you are an iOS game developer and would like your game featured in a future installment of ‘OMG, iOS Games Gone Free’ and/or ‘The iFriday Roundup’, please do get in touch.