Omicron HD Review

Omicron HD (out now, $1.99) by Canupa presents you with a set of 16 hexagonal tiles of varying colors. In each level, you’ll be asked to tap tiles of a certain color, for instance, red. Your goal is to tap all the red tiles before they change color. Once you’ve eliminated all 16 tiles, you’ll proceed to the next level, where you’ll have to target a different color.

OmicronHDIt may sometimes be tough to get all the specified tiles within the time limit, but luckily the game allows for simultaneous taps. By using multiple fingers and both hands, you can earn bonus points for combo taps. But beware if you have multi-touch gestures enabled on your device. A few power-ups are also available, such as to slow down the speed at which the tiles change color.

Three game modes are available: Classic, Arcade, and Versus. Arcade is essentially similar to Classic, except instead of penalizing you with a reduced time limit for tapping the wrong colored tile, you’ll get a life deducted (out of five). Also, eliminated tiles will pop back in. As for Versus, you can play against someone else on the same device. Whoever attains three points first wins. This is the mode that may perhaps offer the most fun—if you’re lucky enough to have someone to play against.

Appearance-wise, Omicron HD appeals with its clean, minimalistic design. It is fun to put your reflexes to the test, though after a while one may tire of it since the game doesn’t have much more to offer.

iFanzine Verdict: Omicron HD is fairly well designed for what it offers. Casual gamers and anyone who enjoys a basic test of reflexes may find this fun, although it may be too simplistic to have a lasting appeal.