The image shows my avatar about to turn into one of the aliens from omini x via her omnitrix. She is stood in front of the billion building at nighttime

Omini X Sword Tier List – The Best Blade (and Tier)

Slash Swoosh Strike! My Omini X Sword Tier List ranks each of the blades from this Ben 10-inspired game from best to worst. So, if you want to grab yourself a trusty sword then use my guide to know which to grab!

Some blades are sharper than others, whilst some simply look cooler. So how is this tier ranked? This tier is crafted based on raw strength, obtainment and useability within the game. Swords aren’t the main weapons of choice for most players, but they’re handy to have secondary to any version of the Omnitrix.

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Omini X Sword Tier List (March 2024)

  • S-Tier: Dark Ascalon
  • A-Tier: Ascalon, Excalibur
  • B-Tier: Sword-7, Sword-6
  • C-Tier: Sword-5, Sword-4
  • D-Tier: Sword-3, Sword-2, Sword-1

What Each Tier Means

So you’ve seen the rankings, but what do they mean? Thankfully, it’s easy to follow how the ranks work since I have organised it from best to worst. This section dives into each tier analysis with a clearer description.

  • S-Tier: OP! These blades are the absolute best in the game with little to no flaws.
  • A-Tier: Good, just not the best. Still reliable and great alternatives.
  • B-Tier: Average blades that just about make do. Overall mid.
  • C-Tier: Weaker blades, a few niche uses. I wouldn’t settle for them.
  • D-Tier: These blades are BLUNT! I would not recommend using them.

How Often Do I Update My Tiers?

This tier gets updated monthly unless an update rolls out which adds new swords, or buffs and nerfs the stats of existing swords. To keep up to date with the rankings to make sure you always have the best blade, bookmark this page and check back often.