the image shows a faceless headshot of a green haired lady from the one punch man franchise. In the top left corner the game title is in a deep green and reads "one punch hero"

One Punch Hero Classes Tier List – February 2024

Need schooling? No, that type of class… Our One Punch Hero Classes Tier List ranks the regular classes and awakened classes so you know the best from the worst.

One Punch Hero is based on the highly appraised hero anime, One Punch Man! In One Punch Hero, you can don different classes unlocked around the map. Use your learned skills in intense battles against enemies and bosses, and trade all your goods and loot amongst friends!

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One Punch Hero Classes Tier List

So let’s get into the tiers! I’d like first to remind you that tier lists are subjective. We try and aim for the popular consensus for our rankings, but if you disagree that’s okay too! Our tiers are crafted from user experience, player feedback, and research. So we like to think that ours does the job.


OP! Offering huge benefits and versatility these classes are simply the best.

  • Ninja – An insanely effective class that is easy for all players to use. Very agile and can handle almost any type of enemy with almost no cooldown time.
  • Beros (Boros) – High damage class with exceptional range and portals for quick transportation.
  • Super Human – Huge high-damage class however has considerably smaller AoE compared to other S-Tier ranks. Great for crowd control though, so don’t sweep it under the rug just yet!


Strong! These classes are great to have as alternatives if you’re just shy of having any of our picks for the absolute best.

  • Martial Artist – Highly effective in combos and tackles single-target damage with ease. Low range for AoE damage, however also has a low cooldown between the skills. Ideally used for close-quarter combat.
  • Esper – High AoE damage-based attacks and can use flight as a mode of transportation.
  • Blast – Another high AoE damage-based class. Uses portals for transportation and is efficient with braindead farming…


Average! These classes are decent… And also not decent. Classes in this tier are simply average with a few niche uses.

  • Lightning Max – Average damage output and offers a decent range. Plus, it electrocutes opponents!


These classes are weak and don’t offer a lot of benefits. They may be best suited for early-game players who haven’t yet built an inventory of better options.

  • Metal Bat – Starter class with mediocre damage, but does redeem itself with decent range at later Mastery levels.


Classless and maidenless. You know the drill. These classes don’t offer anything substantial so don’t settle for these ranks!

  • Cyborg – Little range and low damage but preferred in close combat.