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One Punch Hero Weapons Tier List – February 2024

If being an overpowered hero isn’t enough then you’ll need our One Punch Hero Weapons Tier List! Our tier ranks all the weapons from best to worst so you know which to equip when headed into your next battle.

One Punch Hero is based on the highly appraised hero anime, One Punch Man! In One Punch Hero, you can don different classes unlocked around the map. Use your learned skills in intense battles against enemies and bosses, and trade all your goods and loot amongst friends!

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One Punch Hero Weapons Tier List

So let’s get into the tiers! I’d like first to remind you that tier lists are subjective. We try to aim for the popular consensus for our rankings, but if you disagree that’s okay too! Our tiers are crafted from user experience, player feedback, and research. So we like to think that ours does the job.


OP! These weapons scared the hair right off of Saitama’s head. With these in your arsenal, you’re bound to bring a good fight.

  • Moon Blade – A Gamepass weapon which does insane DMG to compensate for its low stat boost
  • Crimson Blade – With good stat boosts and a nice DMG to accompany it this blade deserves S-Tier! Plus, it has a crimson trail… It’s just so cool.


Strong, but not the best. These weapons are brilliant and versatile. They offer strong damage but just fall short of being in the elite league.

  • Sun Blade – This blade offers a knockback and even AoE DMG within its heated skills. With high DMG and versatility this weapon is naturally harder to obtain with a 5% draw chance


Average. Just, average. These weapons offer some niche uses and are decent if you’re early game but aren’t overly strong or overly weak.

  • Black Nodachi – This blade can be obtained through the normal draws with a 15% chance. The blade allows the user to get behind opponents fast for sneak attacks.


Onto the weaker tier, these weapons are definitely better geared for beginner players. Think of them as blunt weapons.

  • Dark Sword – 30% chance of obtaining through normal draws. This blade is strong but also just kind of, average. It avoided B-Tier despite its average-ness because without mastery it’s not an ideal weapon.


You’re better off just fist-fighting your opponents, to be honest. These weapons are weak.

  • There is nothing here! I guess any weapon is better than none.