One Punch Man: The Strongest Codes – Free Rewards

On the lookout for One Punch Man: The Strongest Codes? It’s all well and good in principle to defeat foes with a single punch and indeed, be the strongest. But in reality, even superheroes need help from time to time.

With that in mind, here’s a list of some One Punch Man: The Strongest codes to help give Saitama a boost. You never know when that extra bit of juice could make all the difference.

One Punch Man: the Strongest Codes

The codes we’ve listed here will change regularly. And they will all offer a variety of free in-game rewards, such as ascent supply tokens, coins, and other goodies.

Working Codes

  • 1212OPM
  • OPM777 
  • OPMTS 
  • OPM99911 
  • SSeKt4EG 
  • HappyHero2022 
  • HeroReadyToGo 
  • Hero4fun 

Codes in One Punch Man: The strongest are sometimes time-limited, so taking advantage of these as soon as possible is important, lest you risk them expiring.

Expired Codes

The following is a list of codes that were known to have worked previously but are now expired. That being said, you are welcome to give them a try to see if you get lucky:

  • OPM2021
  • OPMJAN01
  • zombieman111
  • OPM100DAYS 
  • SAITAMA888 
  • OPMSEA999 
  • OPMSEA666 
  • 20200616 
  • 20205555
  • 20205678 
  • 2020999 
  • 20205555
  • 20205678
  • 2020999 
  • PUNCH666 
  • CARD9999

How Do You Redeem One Punch Man: The Strongest Codes?

Redeeming codes in One Punch Man is actually extremely straightforward. Simply complete the following steps:

  • Start by launching One Punch Man: The Strongest.
  • Go to the main menu.
  • Open your OPM: The Strongest profile by tapping on your player avatar in the top-left corner of the screen.
  • On the profile page, look for the gift code button.
  • Press that button and input your gift code.
  • Tap on confirm.
  • Receive whatever rewards are proffered by that code.

Where Can You Find One Punch Man: The Strongest Codes?

If you want more codes, like the reward-hungry scamp you are, the best thing to do is follow the game on their social media channels, where new codes are published.

They have official Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts, among others. Codes are typically released to celebrate events, such as new characters joining the game, major in-game milestones, or to mark the beginning of a new month or year.

About The Game

One Punch Man: the Strongest is the official, turn-based RPG strategy game based on the popular anime One Punch Man. The story revolves around Saitama, who becomes a hero for fun. After three years of training, Saitama develops invincible power and can defeat his enemies with one punch. The clues were there the whole time.

Players can choose to fight as Saitama or a range of other characters, each with their own unique skill-sets and costumes. There are also a variety of game modes to keep things interesting. One Punch Man is available on both iOS and Android.

That’s everything we’ve got in our guide to One Punch Man: The Strongest codes. When you’re ready, be sure to check out our other guides and walkthroughs.