Oozoo Inc. Just Gave Their Brilliant 3D Brawler ‘Brandnew Boy’ a Brand New Update


Some of our readers — whom have been around iFanzine for a while — might remember back when we reviewed Brandnew Boy, a finely tuned 3-D beat’em up for mobile devices that provided players with nonstop fisticuffs and tight controls. At the time we did comment that the game’s chief problem was its extremely heavy-handed IAP vs. Grinding nature, which forced players to fight endlessly in order to buy new gear. Apparently the developers must have agreed that the prices of Brandnew Boy’s equipment upgrades were more than just a bit unreasonable, especially for a game with an upfront cost, as they just increased end of level rewards by 30%-50% across the board.

This update also includes fixes to areas where the camera’s angle would sometimes be less than optimal — implementing the attack timing bar back in for female characters — increasing the level cap so that players might better prepare themselves, and much more. There has — thanks to all these changes — never been a better time to try out one of the titles that made our 2012 best of iOS games list, a game which furthermore even runs flawlessly on aging iPod Touch 4 devices. Finally — above all else — it has especially been nice to see that the people over at Oozoo Inc. are still alive and kicking, and we here at iFanzine eagerly anticipate whatever wondrous game they next release upon the world.