The Upcoming ‘Orbfall’ Kind of Reminds Us of ‘Super Monkey Ball’

Efuvex — a programming group composed of Asterix, Binary Star, and Topaz (I’m going to assume those are online handles) — recently opened up a Kickstarter for their latest project: Orbfall. In their game — which may remind some of either SEGA’s Super Monkey Ball, or BRIO’s Labyrinth — you are charged with keeping a ball alive, using nothing more than tilt-based controls (with the ball moving as though you’ve angled the stage). Complicating this objective is that the entire playing field is hanging perilously over a lava-filled abyss, and your ball’s weight will shatter any tiles that it happens to roll over (although they will eventually be replaced with brand new tiles).

While that alone would basically make for a somewhat boring game of slowly rolling around in circles, there are additionally special tiles — alongside ravenous enemies — for you to contend with. For instance: it would be wise to avoid deadly bomb-tiles, which have the power to simultaneously shatter all of the surrounding tiles placed within a sizable radius (or — if you’ve already touched one — to get away very quickly). Even more mysteriously antagonistic would be the warp-tiles, which — when touched — randomly relocate your ball to a different part of the playing field entirely (which, worse yet, might even be hanging directly over the lava-filled abyss).

Efuvex has reassured players that once Orbfall is completed that their game won’t be hampered by a Pay-to-Win IAP-scheme, instead featuring what they’re calling: Pay-to-Swag. Players can — either by buying them up front, or by slowly unlocking them over time — alter the appearance of their lava field, their ball, and even the light-trail left behind by their sphere. There will additionally be special decorations — for each of these categories — that will only ever be available to project backers, which finally brings us back to the predicament that Orbfall currently finds itself in.

Efuvex’s Kickstarter has already raised over $2,000 (AUD) of their asking total, yet things will need to pick up quickly if they’re to going to secure their $3,000 deadline before January 11th finally rolls around. Currently — should you now find yourself intrigued — you can become a beta-tester for just $15, or even $10 if you act quickly (this furthermore includes a complete copy of Orbfall’s soundtrack, plus listing in the credits). Efuvex will — if their project is successfully funded — first be debuting Orbfall on iOS, with plans underway to afterwards bring their fast-paced rolling-ball arcade-styled game to Android as well.