Our Favorite iOS Games of 2010: Part 2

Antistar 3D Rising
By Anime 3D SFX

A weird and wonderful mishmash of different genres and innumerable inspirations, Antistar 3D Rising is quite unlike anything else on the App Store. I mean name me another game that features such sumptuous and strikingly original visuals, kooky characters like a grinning sheep who talks in riddles and a posse of gun-toting gangster mice, a whacked-out plot that grips from start to end, and a slew of fiendish puzzles which operate entirely on topsy-turvy dream logic. You can’t, can you?.

As it stands, sadly, Antistar is something of an App Store hidden gem. However, Anime 3D SFX are incredibly keen and quick to implement user suggestions and will be unveiling a number of new chapters free of charge early next year, so the game might yet become the hit it sorely deserves to be. Here’s hoping, because this truly is indie iOS gaming at its bonkers best.

Links: iFanzine Review, iTunes.

Ultimate Spider-Man: Total Mayhem
By Gameloft

Gameloft take a lot of flak for their soulless, um, “tributes” to best-selling console titles, but with Spider-Man:Total Mayhem they shut the naysayers up by delivering a fresh and exciting take on the super-hero game. Boasting colorful and cartoony visuals that capture the comic book aesthetic perfectly, fast ‘n’ fluid combat and a series of thrilling dust-ups with damn near every member of Spidey’s iconic rogue’s gallery, this is an absolute must-have for the web-head’s legions of fans and action junkies alike. An out-and-out blast and one of Gameloft’s most honest to goodness enjoyable iOS titles yet if you ask me. ‘Nuff said.

Links: iFanzine Review, iTunes.

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light
By Square Enix

It probably goes without saying that this December was one hell of a month for iPhone gamers. For me though, Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light put every other high-profile new release of the festive season in the shade. This instant classic sees one of video gaming’s most iconic characters, plucky adventuress Lara Croft, embark on her best adventure in years. An incredibly faithful and fully-featured port of the critically acclaimed Tomb Raider reboot that graced Xbox Live and PSN earlier in 2010, this stunning title features a refined mix of dual-stick shoot ’em up action, exploration, platforming, and puzzle solving that truly does stake out new territory on iOS.

Okay, okay, the flaky co-op mode left a bit to be desired, but as single-player experience that boasts deep and multifaceted gameplay, intricate level design and a ton of re-playability Guardian of Light is unsurpassed on the iPlatform.

Links: iFanzine Review (coming soon), iTunes.