Our Favorite iOS Games of 2010: Part 3

Eliminate Pro
By ngmoco Inc.

When Eliminate Pro was first released, it was all the rage. The game lasted among the top free apps for longer than most, and a quick glance of the game would quickly explain why. It’s simply an amazing title. Eliminate is an online FPS where you rank up, earn credits, and can buy and upgrade weapons/armor. The first few weeks I got it, I was hooked, playing as much as I possibly could, entranced by flying bullets and rockets. I’ve had it since the day of its release, and to this day, it still remains one of my favorites, and still exists on the first page.

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Cartoon Wars 2

Cartoon Wars 2 combines two previous games: Cartoon Wars 1, and Cartoon Wars: Gunner. CW2 is your classic Castle vs. Castle game, with your troops clashing against enemy troops each trying to destroy the opposing force. To me, what puts this game above the others of its type is its highly superior gameplay. There are 80 different types of troops, and 20 upgradable skills, along with your hero, which you can level up in combat and earn new guns. I often found myself muttering “I’ll just complete one more stage,” and kept playing. CW2 is unbelievably addicting, and to me, ranks higher than Angry Birds.

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Cut the Rope
By Zeptolab & Chillingo

Cut the Rope is a game where you have to use your brain power to figure how to get the candy from the starting point to the mouth of a little critter, while collecting up to three stars in the process. As you progress through 125 increasingly difficult levels, you’ll find more objects on the stage to aid you in getting to the end. The physics in this game are flawless, and has immense replay value. Additionally, if you get stuck on a level, you can simply skip it, and return to it later. Cut the Rope is one of the few games that has me returning to previous levels over and over again.

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