Our Favorite iOS Games of 2011: Part 2

As Sean mentioned last week, he’s hard at work putting together an Oscars-sized celebration of the crème de la crème of iOS developers and gaming in 2011 which you most definitely won’t want to miss. While we all wait with bated breath for that bound-to-be-epic special feature to hit, there’s just about time for me pick out my own favorite iOS games of the past year. No mean feat, but after much deliberation, head scratching and procrastination, I’ve finally managed to whittle down a list longer than your arm to just three titles.

By Madfinger Games

For me, Shadowgun was the standout iOS game of 2011. I mean, it was so mind-blowingly awesome I’m not sure where I should even start with the praise …okay, got it: those absolutely stunning visuals (which proved without a doubt that Unity can easily challenge the graphical oomph of Unreal Engine)! Oh, and when you’re done picking your jaw up off the floor, there’s a whole lot more to enjoy here too — from the Gears of War-inspired firefights and delightfully schlocky sci-fi story to clever mini-games and crazy boss battles, Shadowgun is an utter blast.

Links: iFanzine Review, iTunes

Zen Wars
By subzero.eu, Liv Games and Panzer Flakes

While I didn’t personally review Zen Wars here on iFanzine, it still makes it onto my favorites list thanks to the fond memories I have of staying up way past my bedtime to get my ass handed to me by Liv Games’ Orian Livnet and Patrick Wolowicz from subzero.eu while playing the game’s superb online Multiplayer Mode. Ah, good times! Seriously, if you haven’t already given this brilliant Rampart-esque Real Time Strategy/Puzzle game a whirl, why the heck not?!

Links: iFanzine In-depth Review, Developer Interview, iTunes

Vertex Blaster
By Warner Skoch

The sheer amount of preview and review requests we receive on a daily basis means I’m pretty much constantly jettisoning old titles from my iPod Touch to make room for the new. Vertex Blaster has managed to avoid deletion for almost four months now (I think that’s a new record), which should tell you everything you need to know about this stellar little twin-stick shooter. Maybe it’s the fast-paced, arcade-style action or maybe it’s the whole irresistible retro-style aesthetic this game’s got going on, I’m not sure — there’s just something about Vertex Blaster that keeps me coming back for more. …And more and more…

Links: iFanzine Review, iTunes