Black Shell Media’s 16-Bit Action Roguelike ‘Overture’ Is Absolutely Killing It on Kickstarter


Have you been feeling — as of late — as though your life was missing a game that combined elements from Gauntlet, Bullet Hell shooters, and the procedurally generated randomness of Roguelikes? If you answered yes to all of the above, then the staff at Black Shell Media — creators of SanctuaryRPG: Black Edition (an entry on PC Gamer’s list of promising RPGs releasing in 2015) — have a game that just might interest you! Entitled Overture, players take control of their selected hero — from a huge cadre of 24 choices — and then quest forth against an onslaught of intelligently swarming enemies (whom will be outfitted with AIs that are custom generated to outwit the player’s style).

Having already been working diligently on this Action Roguelike for a while now, the limited staff at Black Shell Media has finally finished the primary construction phase of Overture’s core engine. However, reaching this vital juncture in Overture’s development — the phase where the bulk of a game’s content gets added — means that the project’s developmental scope has finally surpassed Black Shell Media’s current financial means. It is for this reason that they recently approached Kickstarter with a request for $3,000 in additional development funds, with which to cover the many licensing fees — platform publishing fees — and various other issues that they’re attempting to overcome.

dcbef599d3ded71801bb41c045d50b5a_largeObviously Kickstarter’s community members must have already been rather impressed with SanctuaryRPG: Black Edition, seeing as how — with ten days still remaining — they’ve already provided Overture with more than $3,000 in donations. Black Shell Media — thanks to this generosity — should no longer have any problems with realizing their plans to finish Overture and then deliver it to gamers using PCs, MACs, Linux, iOS, and Android based platforms everywhere. However — with many stretch goals still remaining — there’s still a great deal of potential work to be accomplished, such as helping to ensure that Overture’s final release contains an online multiplayer mode.

Those still currently undecided may sample an absolutely free PC Demo of Overture, and then afterwards — should they like what they saw — secure their own PC copy of Overture for just $5 (sorry, but the upcoming iOS version isn’t being offered as a backer reward). Meanwhile — for those whom donate further — additional backer rewards include: a download of the game’s soundtrack, being listed in the game’s credits, getting to have an in-game monster named after you, the official backer T-Shirt, and so much more! However – whether you now plan to make a donation big or small – those interested in helping Black Shell Media out must be sure to chip in their aid before January 31st rolls around, as that’s when Overture’s Kickstarter will come to an irrevocable close.