Pako 3 Launching Next Month on the App Store

The Pako series is set to get a new entry with the release of Pako 3 next month. The riotous car-chase sim sees you trying to keep ahead of the police, and this new edition looks set to add even more madness to proceedings.

There are 30 levels in the game and 30 cars to collect. This time round there are traps, bosses, and loads more to keep you on your toes. Pako 3 is set to introduce race levels to the proceedings as well.

And it’s all wrapped up in a gorgeous art-style that’s going to put a big grin on your face. Here’s a trailer to showcase some of the new stuff that’s coming in Pako 3.

It looks like it builds on everything that made the previous games great, then throws in a hefty dollop of extra chaos. Gotta love chaos.

Pre-orders for the game are already live, and you can register for Pako 3 on the App Store by clicking here. It’s going to be free to play with a couple of IAP to get rid of ads and unlock everything when it launches.

When does it launch? Pako 3 will be available worldwide on December 2nd. Which by our reckoning is the end of next week. So you don’t have long to wait for this one at all.