The image shows my avatar stood in a tower defense match with a bunch of pew monkeys in scattered across the travel path of the enemies

Pal Tower Defense Tier List – Which Pals Make The Dream Team?

Hey buddy, I have a Pal Tower Defense Tier List! So, why not check it out friend? Okay, enough of the buddy-chum-pal jokes. My tier list ranks each of the Pal inspired towers from best to worst so you know who to enlist into your dream team!

To make sure you never miss out on when new Pals are added to the game, and my rankings, remember to bookmark this page and check back often!

Pal Tower Defense is based on the recent hit game, Pal World! This Roblox spin-off lets you enlist the familiar Pals from the game and let them project your base from waves of foes. Unlock new maps as you battle your way through different levels and upgrade your beloved Pals!

Check out Pal Tower Defense over on Roblox. If you If you like inspired TD games check out my Circus Tower Defense Tier List!

Pal Tower Defense Tier List

Be sure to check back on this tier from time to time as the game updates and rolls out more pals, as well as nerf existing pals! Don’t forget as well that tier lists are entirely subjective, so the Pals I recommend may not be your cup of tea – and thats OK! That said, I hope my tier list was helpful in building your team of elite Pals!


OP Pals! These buddies of yours have one job and they do it brillianlty! Protect tower, devour enemies. You can always rely on these units.

  • Featherfly
  • Pharaoh
  • Meow


Great Pals with versatility, they’re just not the best of the game.

  • Electrobolt
  • Chilldino
  • Hadesram


Average Pals with a few niche uses, theyr’e still decent enough to make the team in a pinch.

  • Flame Fox
  • Chiclet
  • Slithlander
  • Queen Bee


Weaker Pals that aren’t too keen on keeping your base safe…

  • Lovepaca
  • Sparkit


These guys are definitely no pals of mine.

  • Pew Monkey