Featured Image for our news on Paper Bride 5. it features the bride wearing a Chinese red wedding gown.

It’s Spooky And Scary In Paper Bride 5, A New Game On iOS

Paper Bride 5 Two Lifetimes is the latest sequel of the popular Chinese game series Paper Bride to hit iOS. If you haven’t played any of the Paper Bride games before, let me tell you that it’s a Chinese Horror Puzzle Game. It’s free to play and was launched for PC in early December.

Who Is Paper Bride?

A bride who wears a red Chinese bridal gown made of paper. The story continues in Zangling Village from Paper Bride 2 (not the fourth instalment). There are mysteries to solve, conspiracies to expose and occults to unravel. You’ll be torn between reality and illusion.

Similar to its predecessors, Paper Bride 5 Two Lifetimes has a rich lore and exquisite artwork. Take a journey into the world of traditional Chinese culture with sprinkles of Chinese Opera. The title’s countryside setting is full of old, dilapidated temples and deserted courtyard houses.

Search for clues in abandoned mansions and browse through old faded papers to find out what happened to the Paper Bride. There will be different rooms in the buildings. Tap on the elements and find the clues and keep on solving the mysteries of reincarnation.

The Life After Death

Paper Bride 5 is full of spooky vibes drawn from Chinese folk rituals such as paper effigies used in funerals and the monochromatic charons who transport the dead to the underworld. You’ll also encounter monsters lurking in the corner. Watch out for the doll behind that lamp! Is it a doll or a monster with a doll’s face?

So, give Paper Bride 5 a try and immerse yourself in spooky spirits and bizarre twists & turns. Get the game from the App Store now.

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