2 2 Guide: How to Survive the Longest 2 is basically Splatoon without the shooting, gorgeous visuals, and Nintendo magic. The goal is the same though: cover an arena in your particular colours before the enemy does.

You play as a coloured square that can dart around the map, leaving a coloured trail on its path. Using these simple controls, you’ll try and cover the arena in your colours while your opponents do the same.

You can defeat opponents, but it’s pretty tricky stuff. Don’t worry though, for we’re going to cover how all of that works in this here guide. Enjoy! 2 Tips and Tricks:

  • Start small: You might be tempted to get expanding as quick as possible as soon as you play, but resist this. That puts you at huge risk of death, so just slowly expand your territory instead.
  • Locate your enemies: While you slowly start to expand, you’ll want to keep an eye out for any nearby enemies. As soon as you spot one, monitor them and wait for them to make a costly mistake. That same rule works in reverse too.
  • The edge is safer: Spawning in the middle of the arena is dangerous stuff, as you can get attacked from all directions. If you’re lucky enough to spawn on the edges, you’re well set up to dominate the game.
  • Don’t chase an opponent too far: Every time you leave your colours, you’re vulnerable. It’s perfectly acceptable to leave to kill an opponent, but don’t chase them too far if they run away. The further you are from home, the closer you are to danger.
  • If you get spotted, get out of there: If you’re spotted and don’t feel confident winning, just run. There’s no shame in living to fight another day – particularly when you can just enact revenge.
  • Expand in all directions: If you just expand in a single direction, your enemy has free reign to take your territory in the other direction. So try and expand in all directions to cut off all enemy’s opportunities.