Papercraft Puzzler ‘PAPER Anne’ Sketches Its Way Onto Apple’s Featured List

While many games attempt to evoke a certain storybook quality, PAPER Anne takes this concept to new heights. Thrusting players on a journey of self-discovery within a unique papercraft world, Anne’s story is one who’s experiences can be likened to flicking through the pages of a fairy tale.

PAPER Anne’s story begins with the titular heroine finding herself transported to a mystical paper realm who’s harmony is threatened by the wickedness of the evil Queen of Hearts. Assuming the role of Anne, it’s down to none other than you to save the day.

You’ll have to literally fold, shift, and slide the environments around you in order to solve the game’s many intricate puzzles and discover why you’ve found yourself lost amidst the ruins of other famous fairy tales.

Featuring a wide range of storybook worlds inspired by the likes of Alice in Wonderland, the Ugly Duckling, and the Nut Cracker, PAPER Anne’s fantasy settings are charmingly brought to life through hand-drawn animations. There’s plenty of childhood favourites featured in the game too, with the Tin Man, Ugly Ducking, Cheshire Cat, and many others set to greet you on your journey.

Get lost in your own papercraft version of wonderland in PAPER Anne. The game is available for iOS devices now.

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