Featured Image for Par for the Dungeon, the game. It features Cal, the golf ball, and a lot of arrows, aiming for a smooth landing. The logo of the game is on the right in blue, white and yellow.

Par For The Dungeon Is Where Golf Rival Meets Dungeon Crawling

Some creative ideas deserve the chef’s kiss. One such idea is the new game by Sleeping Giant Interactive, Par for the Dungeon. It’s a mini golf game but with a cute and fun twist. Released for PC about a month ago, the free-to-play game is now available on mobile as well. Go and check it out on the App Store.

Rad Golfing

Par for the Dungeon is mini-golf but with a story and a bit of mystery. It’s a game where sports meets fantasy, or to be precise, golf meets dungeon crawling. The ball in the game is no ordinary golf ball, it’s a character called Cal. Your mission is to rescue your dog from Bogeys, the monstrous dog-nappers. So, the ball, aka Cal, has to land into the hole after defeating the enemy and using the least moves possible.

If you think that’s it, then you’re wrong. The developers threw in extra obstacles to make the golf ground more complex. But you also get some handy tools on the way to tackle those hurdles. The game has four zones Ball Land, Castle Caravan, Icy Mountains and There Be Wizard.

Each zone is further divided into 9 stages and each stage has 3 golf courses. So, there are over 100 levels for you to explore. Completing a hole with less than or equal to par will earn you a zone badge. If you’re new to golf, par is the predetermined number of strokes a first-class golfer should take to complete a hole or a whole course.

So, Par for the Dungeon!

Par for the Dungeon features a cute toon-shading art style and equally cute music. It’s an amazing take on a classic game (chef’s kiss!) where you even get to dress up Cal in different outfits. Will you be trying it out? Meanwhile, if you’re into RPGs, read our latest story on Atelier Resleriana, which is going global soon.