YBA – Your Bizzare Adventure

Paragon Tier List YBA (2023)

If you’ve been looking for Paragon Tier List YBA, then your search ends here. Your Bizarre Adventure is an MMORPG game that revolves around obtaining strong and unique spiritual abilities known as “STANDS,” fighting gangs, PvP, and more.

Quite recently, the game developers deployed YBA update 1.3, introducing Stand skins with rarities. Accordingly, the price of the YBA skins will now rely on their rarity, which ranges from 0 to 22.5 points. With that in mind, we’ve listed below the new Paragon Tier List YBA, ranking all the stands’ rarity from rarest to common.

Paragon Tier List YBA

The stands are in order from rarest to least rare, the numbers in the parentheses are the number of points a skin is worth.

SS Tier List

These are the limited or unobtainable skins:

  • Horseman of Heaven 

S Tier List

These are the legendary Stand skins in Your Bizarre Adventure:

  • Devil’s Moon 
  • Ghost World/Festive Platinum 
  • Light Bringer 
  • Mr Jukes Angels 

A Tier List

Here are the Epic skins of the game;

  • Jack-o-Platinum/Festive World/The Waifu 
  • Spirit Bomb Sword/FrostBite /Tomb Crypt Tusk 
  • Retro The World Over Heaven/Tyrant Crimson/King Peppermint/Cornsnake 
  • Sumo Platinum/Sumo World 

B Tier List

These are the skins with uncommon rarity:

  • One Above All 
  • Vexus Crimson/Lord Boros/Sukuna 
  • Tusk Dark Determination 
  • Cursed Aero Platinum/Comic Venom Spider-Man/Vela Nova 
  • Luffy Gear 4/Digital Star Platinum/Star Waifu: The Universe –
  • Elucidator & Dark Repulser/Golden Frieza/Charged Creeper Queen/Shadow Killer Queen/Tākoizu Dragon 

C Tier List

Here’s a look at the common skins after the latest update:

  • TWAU Over Heaven 
  • King of The End/Deimos Crimson 
  • MCU Spider-Man/Venom/Deimos Snake/Heaven ACT 4 
  • Shadow The World/The World’s Greatest High/The Waifu v2/Hexed Spirit Requiem/Volcanic Spirit Requiem 

D Tier List

  • Kanshou & Bakuya/Kikoku/Star Platinum: Stone Ocean/Elizabeth Liones/Misaka Mikoto/Megumin –
  • Train To Hell 
  • Elf Pistol/Stone Platinum 
  • OVA Platinum/Baseball Platinum/Star Waifu/OVA The World 
  • D4She/The Waifu Alternate Universe 
  • Sasageyo/Jade Peace/Deimos Queen/Creeper Queen/Headhunter/Ghost Chariot Requiem
  • Magician’s Red Over Heaven/Manga Crimson/Scarlet Queen/Rock Unleashed/All-Starsnake/Mintsnake
  • Gold Platinum/Action Figure Platinum/Charmy Green/The World 2/Uber Spy 

E Tier List

  • Neo WORLD 
  • Eldritch Green/Linked Sword/Shining Ruby/Chromo Hando/Female Hando/Actually Red Hot Chili Pepper/Killer Reveal/Aerosmith Over Heaven/Magellan 
  • Sorcerer’s Red/Vinegar Crimson/Heaven Spirit 
  • OVA Silver Chariot/Holly’s Sickness/Glock – 18 | Fade/Casull 
  • Devil4C/Cracked WORLD 
  • The Other Hand/Virus Vessel/Tentacle Purple/Tentacle Yellow/Tentacle Black

F Tier List

  • Star Striped Eagle
  • Nerf Jolt/OVA Emperor/Mr. Joestar/Frozone 
  • Ms. Aerosmith 
  • Toy Sticky Fingers/Pinky Fingers/Glock-18/Emperor/Old President/Nonosama Bo 
  • All Non-Shiny Stands 

Please note: Points do not act as a currency but rather as a way to determine the place for skins on the tier list. On top of that, this system goes by the version of the stand that the skin is obtained initially with. For instance, evolving a Whitesnake skin to C-Moon or Made in Heaven doesn’t increase or decrease the skin’s value.

That concludes our comprehensive beginner’s guide for the Paragon Tier List YBA. Make sure you check out other guides and walkthroughs for other games at iFanZine.