Pastille Games Launch Contest to Troll ‘Curling Buddies’ Pirates

So here’s some disappointing news: an unscrupulous d*****g has hacked and pirated Pastille Games’ Curling Buddies (our review). The cracked version of the game, which has been uploaded to a bunch of sketchy pirate sites, provides users with a ridiculous amount of in-game currency and allows them to access premium features, such as the zombie mode, for free.

Rather than whine and despair about Curling Buddies being bootlegged, the folks at Pastille have decided to spin the situation into a positive and have some fun at the expense of the pirates. Basically, their idea is to make a few choice changes to the game that will punish and troll illegitimate users — and they want your suggestions on how best to screw with these pesky freeloaders.

The funniest, most inventive submissions will each win a cool Curling Buddies prize bundle. Full details below…

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