As Promised, Pastry Panic’s Latest Content Update is Totally Sweet!

Remember when Underground Pixel’s Kevin Drew told us Pastry Panic’s next content expansion would be “almost a whole new game in itself”? Well, we just gave the freshly updated version a whirl and, oh boy, he wasn’t kidding! Pastry Panic v1.2 rocks!

Which isn’t to say that the game wasn’t pretty brilliant to begin with; I mean we dished out a whole lot of praise when we reviewed Pastry Panic back in May, after all: “Underground Pixel have hit upon a near-perfect recipe for the type of game that should entice both fans of the resurgence of retro-themed titles on iOS and casual gamers who’re simply on the lookout for a pick-up-and-play friendly timewaster they can enjoy in short spurts.”

Still, good as the initial release was, Pastry Panic was probably still a little on the simplistic side and ran the risk of leaving gamers of a less casual persuasion craving more content. The newly updated edition addresses both these concerns. And then some.

For me, the highlight of the update is without a doubt the brand new game mode it adds to the mix. “Joyful Jumper” sees you frantically swiping at the screen and leaping between a series of platforms in order to snag nuts, bolts and, of course, tasty pastries. It’s fast-paced, fun and different enough from the original couple of modes — “Mad Dash” and “Tongue Tied” — that it’ll likely get you hooked on Pastry Panic all over again. As if that wasn’t enough, there are also three new environments to play in: Kitchen, Freezer and — even though the setting doesn’t really make a lick of sense — Space!

Underground Pixel have (re)stocked the virtual shelves of Pastry Panic’s in-game store with even more goodies like 5 new hats and yet another unlockable guest character, while there’s also a fresh batch of toe-tappingly awesome chiptunes to enjoy.

All in all, this is a pretty epic update, and you now officially have no excuse not to grab this retro-flavored indie hit if you’ve been on the fence about it.