Peglin cover photo featuring blob shaped characters in a cutesy simple style. They are huddled in a forest and looking at one another. The main character, Peglin is stoof furthest away who looks like a chibi green goblin

Peglin Mobile Update Has Loads On Offer This New Year!

The update that Red Nexus Games rolled out before the holidays for Peglin on Steam is now available on mobile as well. Version 0.9.4 introduces the novel Mines miniboss, the Redoublet relic, two new battles, overhauled art for orbs and enemies, sound effect upgrades as well as several balance adjustments.

Peglin is a unique blend of pachinko and roguelike, and might initially seem like a combination that does not fit together. However, it defies all expectations by hooking players onto its gameplay. If you’re a fan of deck-building games, Peglin is a title you will enjoy as it combines two very successful concepts exceptionally well.

About the Game

As you navigate randomly generated maps in Peglin, you must choose between battles, treasures, and the perilous unknown. You can build a deck of balls from a huge variety of orbs, each with its unique abilities.

Complementing these special balls are relics – magical items with unusual powers. You can use them to create interesting synergies when you battle against goblins, soldiers, special bosses, and other enemies. Each successful venture unlocks a more challenging run, gradually increasing in difficulty throughout the game.

Peglin is perfect for moments when you want to play a game requiring less intense focus. With short levels full of surprises, Peglin offers you plenty of chances to flex your strategy skills as long as your luck holds out. With a diverse mix of orbs and relics, you can keep coming back to progress through the increasingly challenging levels as and when you like.

Play Peglin Mobile

Peglin is all set to hit 1.0 this year, and players are curious to see how the game evolves leading into that launch. You can try it on the App Store for iOS here and on Google Play for Android here. And even though it is a paid game on Steam, you can start playing Peglin for free on mobile with a one-time purchase that fully unlocks the game.

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