‘Penumbear’ Gets a Release Date and New Trailer!

all_bear_framesTalk about a match made in heaven: immensely talented indie studio Taco Graveyard (Four Hats, Omegapixel) are joining forces with mega-publisher Bulkypix to release their third iOS game, visually stunning puzzle-platformer Penumbear, onto the App Store this coming Thursday, February 28th.

Penumbear’s Got the Moves Like Jagger‘ animated GIF via TacoGraveyard.com

In anticipation of next week’s launch, Bulkypix have released an all-new Penumbear trailer, which gives us our best look at the game yet, as well as this official synopsis:

C7L5EPenumbear awakens in a dark castle, alone aside from a small purple firefly. Luckily this firefly has an ability to turn lights off and on, and Penumbear has his own ability to walk on the lines where shadow meets light!

PENUMBEAR is a platformer with an emphasis on danger, exploration and puzzle solving. Each of the many levels combine lights and blocks to create drastically different layouts.

Penumbear will explore the basement with it’s shadowy creatures and tentacles, before traveling to the grimy and spiky dungeon, the vast cavern, up the fireplace and through the tower to reach his freedom. Hundreds of fellow bears are hidden and it’s up to Penumbear to save them all. Secret levels, warp zones, special achievement bears and especially elusive Golden bears are hidden everywhere.