PepperDev Studio Announce Hungry Fins; Pledge to Donate iPads to Children’s Hospital

PepperDev Studio’s upcoming debut, Hungry Fins, definitely looks like the kind of game that could make a huge splash on iOS. It’s a delightfully cute and colorful, 2D side-scrolling survival game that puts players in control of a hungry fish, the titular Fins, as he trawls the ocean looking for food and evading enemies like “The Evil Broccoli™”.

PepperDev hint at loads of other neat stuff like unlockable items and bonus characters, and describe Hungry Fins as “a perfect balance of heart-speeding adrenaline and Zen-like calm that will give instant re-playability for all ages!”

Sounds great, though if I’m honest, it’s the PepperDev team’s promise to give back to the local community that really piqued my interest in this developer and their title: “With every dollar we raise and game we sell, partial proceeds will always go to helping people in less fortunate situations. We love Hungry Fins and the moment the game is ready the PepperDev team will be surprising some special youngsters at the BC Children’s Hospital with a donation of iPads pre-loaded with Hungry Fins!”

Be sure to float by PepperDev Studio’s Kickstarter page and official website to find out more about Hungry Fins and the awesome folks behind it.