Dragon Ball Z Peppy Gals

Peppy Gals Tier List (2023) & Reroll Guide

If you’ve been looking for the Peppy Gals Tier List, then your search ends here. DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE is one of the best DRAGON BALL mobile game experiences available. Similar to other RPG titles, the game has a vast collection of characters.

However, not all the characters are the best for the team, which is why you should unlock the strongest ones in the beginning. If you’re a beginner, you may have a hard time rerolling the best characters. With that in mind, we have prepared the Peppy Gals Tier List, ranking all the characters from best to worst.

Peppy Gals Tier List (2023)

  • S-Tier: Ally of Love and Friendship Videl, Miracle of Friendship Caulifla & Kale, Two Makes the Strongest of All Universes Super Saiyan 2 Caulifla & Super Saiyan 2 Kale, Casual Refreshment Android 18, Clever Tactics Android 18, Impressive Progress KaleDreadful Super Fusion Super Saiyan 2 Kefla
  • A-Tier: Radiant Potential Caulifla, Predatory Urge Android 21 (Transformed), Temptress’ Surprise Attack Kyawei, Searching for a Sweetheart Bulma (Youth), Secret Behind the Sneezes Launch, Princess Oto’s Scorn Oceanus Shenron (Princess Oto), Soaring Heart Videl,
  • B-Tier: Transcendent Height Kefla, Power for Securing Victory Super Saiyan 2 Caulifla, Boundless Potential Super Saiyan 2 Caulifla, Unlimited Android Assault Android 18, Freezing Sorcery Demon Goddess Putine, Premonition of Rapid Growth Kale, Awesome Adaptability Caulifla, Breathless Struggle Android 18, Master of the Yacchaina Fist Rozie, Charming Girl’s Dance Super Ribrianne
  • C-Tier: Magnificent Hunter Kakunsa, Destructive Android Android 18 (Future), Determined Love Chi-Chi, In the Name of Justice Great Saiyaman 2/1, Grisly Destruction Android 18 (Future), Infinite Love Ribrianne (Giant Form), Absolute Defiance Android 18, Cunning Moves Fasha
  • D-Tier: Power to Overcome Adversity Mai (Future), Tenacious Battlefield Diva Fasha (Giant Ape), Evil Paralysis Zangya, Getting Butterflies Bulma (Youth), Proud Bloodline Bulpan

It goes without saying that the above list reflects the author’s opinions. While we recommend picking the S-tier characters, you are urged to use the ones you are comfortable with. This allows you to explore new options and master every character in Peppy Gals.

How Many Characters Are There In Peppy Gals?

The game was released globally in 2015 and has a pool of over 100 characters at the time of writing this article. So there’s no shortage of units for your dream team. It’s worth noting that the list of characters is expected to evolve with the release of new updates,

The tier list we’ve prepared above is classified into the following five divisions:

S Tier List

These are the most powerful and beloved characters of the game. Highly advise pulling these characters as they boast the best abilities, strengths, and skills in the game.

Peppy Gals A Tier List

They are usually the powerful characters in the game, which can easily outperform many other units. However, they are not suitable as S-tier characters in terms of overall skills.

B Tier List

They are regarded as the “above average” characters who often support the team and watch their back.

Peppy Gals C Tier List

They are characters with a serious lack of skills and abilities. Therefore, they can’t compete with most units.

D Tier List

These are the worst units of the game and the ones you should avoid picking up. These characters are incapable of performing well on the field.

Peppy Gals Reroll Guide

Performing a reroll in Peppy Gals is fairly easy. Here’s the complete set of instructions for the same:

  1. Download the game from the Google Play Store.
  2. Sign in to the game using the guest account.
  3. Complete the game’s tutorial and prologue.
  4. Finally, summon the character on the next screen.

We recommend pulling out S-tier characters for a solid start. They are the best characters in the game and significantly increase your winning odds. If you fail to summon any S-tier character, log out from the game and then delete the game’s data to repeat the reroll process.

About The Game

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is an deck-based RPG, based on the manga/anime of the same name. Like the source material, the game has a ridiculous amount of characters, with battle cards to match. Dokkan Battle is one of the best DRAGON BALL mobile game experiences available.

That concludes our comprehensive beginner’s guide for the Peppy Gals Tier List & Reroll process. Make sure you check out other guides and walkthroughs for other games at iFanZine.