Phobies Release 1.9

It’s A Birthday Bash For Phobies As The Game Turns Two!

Phobies, the strategic tactical collectible card game (CCG) is turning two, and they’re throwing a party called the Birthday Bash, Monster Mash. It isn’t only cake and candles, the event has seven fresh Phobies popping up with tricks up their sleeves and five new maps to challenge your tactics. Keep reading to get the full scoop on Phobies Release 1.9!

Let’s Meet The Newbies In Phobies Release 1.9!

First, there’s Prometheus, who’s kind of a hot stepper. He can create lava tiles that only he can stand on. He’s available in a special deal until April 2nd, so don’t miss out! Next, we have Fantôme, who’s like your personal teleport service for friendlies on the battlefield.

Then, we have the Collector. On the quirky side, he can mess with the enemy’s head with some crazy tax documents. The new squad in Phobies Release 1.9 also includes Haphe and Hercules. Haphe likes to take a hit and get stronger, while Hercules brings the sting with some serious muscle power.

Le Shovell is another newbie who makes sure your Phobie squad gets into the fray faster. And last but not least, Brutewurst is a sausage gone rogue. He can make the other Phobies feel all kinds of queasy. While the enemies are getting sick, why don’t you catch a glimpse of Phobies Release 1.9 below?

Birthday Surprises Are Waiting For You!

On March 7th, swing by Vendy’s shop and get your hands on a bunch of goodies. Phobies Release 1.9 is dealing out some of the fattest rewards Phobies has ever dangled! If you’re not already in the loop, Phobies is a turn-based PvP CCG where you get to choose from a roster of over 120 Phobies!

The little critters called Phobies are the stuff of weird and wonderful fears. Pick your Phobie, level them up for a big punch-up and switch up your game as you unlock wicked new abilities. If you haven’t got it already, grab the game from the App Store. Trust me, it’s fun!

If you want to know more about the game, you can head to their official website. Or you can also hit up their YouTube channel as they’ve got tons of content to step up your game.

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