Pick Up Awesome Puzzler Scalak for Free Right Now

There are loads of puzzle games on the App Store, but a lot of them are basically the same game. Not so with Scalak. It’s an intriguing, relaxing game of matching shapes and making structures. And right now you can pick it up for nowt.

The game has nearly a hundred levels, and each of them sees you given a shape to fix. You might be building the sides, creating the net, or connecting the dots. There’s a decent challenge here, but never so bad that you’ll rip your hair out in bloody clumps.

You’ll need to use some logic, and rotate the figures to find the right place to put the dismantled sections. It’s fun, and it’ll test your brain in some intriguing ways. Here’s a trailer.

This is the sort of game that you’ll pick up and play for a while, smiling throughout the experience, training your noggin to look at things in slightly different ways. Which can never be a bad thing as far as we’re concerned.

And right now you can grab Scalak for the low, low price of absolutely nothing at all. Click here and you can grab the game from the App Store.