Pick Up Both Banner Saga Games for Just $1.99 Each

The Banner Saga games rightly have a place in the pantheon of mobile strategy games. They’re big, deep and sometimes surprisingly heartbreaking. And right now you can pick up both of them for the ridiculously low price of $1.99 each.

Both of the games are set in the a unique, Viking-style fantasy world that’s on the verge of collapse. You’re trying to lead your clan to safety, fighting monsters, other clans and the freezing weather along the way. There’s perma-death, tactical battles and loads more.

The games also have a gorgeous art-style that makes them look like cartoons come to life. You’re going to have to make tough choices, trying to ensure all of your warriors make it through alive. That’s not always going to be the case, though.

Both of the games have won plenty of awards on pretty much every platform they’ve landed on, and right now you can get both of them for less than $4. That’s a pretty damn good deal if you ask us. Here come some download links.