Pick up Brilliant Roguelite Blaster Tesla Force for Just Half Price

Tesla Force is a brilliant top-down shooter that sees you battling against waves of horrific creatures that your scientific experiments have accidentally released. And right now you can pick it up for half price on the App Store.

The game is set in a steampunk-ish alternate universe and sees you playing as one of a group of legendary scientists and authors. There are giant stompy robots to control, weird weapons to wield and loads more.

There’s a ticking doomsday clock that makes your enemies tougher, and when you die you’re dropped back at a base to lick your wounds and try again. Here’s a trailer to give you an idea of the carnage you can expect.

You’ve essentially got an infinite number of levels to fight through, shutting down portals, unlocking special new technology and blasting back waves of tentacled horrors. It’s goopy and violent and a little bit special.

You can click here to download Tesla Force from the App Store right now. Where normally it’d set you back $5.99, right now it’s only $2.99. If you haven’t played the game yet, you’ve really got no excuse not to give it a go.