Pick Up Classic Board Game Adaptation Talisman for Just 99c

If you’ve a hankering for some fantasy questing in a board game form and you’ve got slightly less than a buck to spend on it, today really is your lucky day. Because right now you can pick up the classic board game Talisman for just 99c from the App Store.

The game sees you fighting your way around a board, rolling dice, playing cards and trying to be the first character to reach it to the center and the Crown of Command. You can play against the AI if you want, but there are multiplayer options too.

What kind of options? Well there’s same room pass-and-play if you’ve got some friends around, or there’s online multiplayer for 2-6 players. Which is pretty darn awesome. Here’s a trailer from when the game first launched.

While Talisman: Digital Edition has been kicking around for a while now, that doesn’t mean it’s been forgotten. There’s a whole bunch of extra DLC available that adds new quests, cards and characters to the experience.

Throw in house rule options that let you tailor the experience, an online rule book and leaderboards and you’ve got a huge board gaming experience in the palm of your hand. And right now it’s ridiculously cheap.

If you’d like to pick up Talisman for its new low price of just 99c, you can click here to do just that. We hope you have fun playing it.