Pick Up Classic Point-and-Click Adventure The Last Express for Dirt Cheap

There’s something really special about The Last Express. Sure, it might have been kicking around for 25 years, but the game still constantly surprises with it’s bright ideas and brilliant story. And right now you can pick it up for just 99c.

The game sees you trying to solve a murder on the Orient Express. You’re talking to passengers, finding clues and figuring out what’s going on. But the passengers don’t just sit still and wait for you to wander over.

Instead they move about the carriages, dealing with their own stuff. Depending on when you talk to them, they’re going to have different things to say and explain. You might miss out on them entirely, in fact. Here’s a trailer.

The choices you make will change how other characters act, meaning that every playthrough is going to be different. You’ll also get to explore a historically accurate version of the 1914 Orient Express, which is pretty cool.

So, you’ve got romance, intrigue, international espionage and loads more going on. You’ve got a rewind feature that lets you go back and make different choices, and more than 20 hours of game to sink your teeth into.

And right now you can get all of that for 99c, which is pretty awesome. The game would usually set you back $4.99, and we definitely reckon it’s worth that, so for less than a dollar it’s an absolute steal. Click here to download The Last Express from the App Store for its new low price right this second.