Pick Up Excellent Dream Adventure Arrog for Just 99c

Arrog is an amazing exploration of a shifting dreamscape with its roots in Latin American folklore. It sees you delving into an intense narrative experience set in a gorgeous black and white universe. And we can safely say that for 99c it’s an absolute steal.

The game sees you solving simple puzzles using logic, all while trying to figure out what’s happening around you. It’s a brilliant, sometimes breathtaking experience, and it’s unlike anything else out there.

Our only real complaint about the game is that it’s pretty short. But, since you can pick it up for less than a buck right now, that really doesn’t matter. Here’s a trailer.

This is a spell-binding, deeply engaging experience that you really have to play to fully understand. It’s all about life, death and offers a perspective on some big ideas that you might not have considered before.

So, yeah, for a buck, you should just go and buy it. Click here to download Arrog from the App Store right now.