Pick up KOTOR 2 for Better Than Half Price on the App Store

Awesome Star Wars RPG port Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords is currently on sale for an eye-wateringly low price. Do low prices make people’s eyes water? Well this one might.

The game is the sequel to what many people (us, at least) consider to be the finest Star Wars game ever made. It’s a massive RPG filled with memorable characters, a deep storyline and more Star Wars stuff than you can shake a lightstick at.

While it might not be as impressive as the original KOTOR, The Sith Lords is still a wonderful game that’s well worth checking out. Here’s a trailer for the mobile version.

Looks pretty darn good to us. And right now you can pick it up for better than half price. KOTOR 2 is usually $14.99. But right now it’s available for just $6.99. We believe the kids would call that dealerific. Probably.

Click here and you can grab KOTOR 2 from the App Store for that new low price. We’d suggest hurrying, it can’t be that cheap for long.