Pick up Musical Puzzle Game ELOH for Just 99c

Want to grab yourself a musical bargain on the last day of the year? Already got a house full of pianos? Then maybe you should consider chucking a bit of spare change in the direction of the really rather good ELOH.

The game sees you manipulating more than a hundred levels to change the beat. It’s a soft, zen-like experience that fizzes and pops in all of the right ways. Honestly, it’s almost impossible not to play ELOH with a big smile on your face.

There are no time limits here, no frantic pressure to succeed. It’s just you and the puzzle, and you can take as much time as you need. There’s something particularly comforting about that in these days of hectic thrashing. ELOH is a game that lets you take some time for yourself.

The game looks absolutely wonderful, with a bright hand-painted art style that really jumps off the screen. Throw in a brilliant soundtrack and the end result is, hands-down, one of the best puzzlers that money can buy on the App Store. And right now you can get it for the ridiculously low price of just 99c.

Click here and you can grab ELOH from the App Store right this second. You’re going to be hard pressed to find a better deal anywhere else for the rest of this year. Because, y’know, the year is basically over.