Pick up Pascal’s Wager for Just $5 From the App Store

If you’ve been paying attention to the world of mobile gaming at all during the past year or so, then it’s a good bet you’ve heard of Pascal’s Wager. It’s a massive, gloomy ARPG that looks stunning and plays brilliantly. And it’s on sale for the first time in 2021 right now.

The game takes its cues from the likes of Dark Souls and sees you taking on giant monsters in tough but super enjoyable scraps. This is a game that doesn’t cut any corners, so if you’re looking for a AAA experience on mobile, it’s definitely worth checking out.

Since its release the game has had plenty of updates and DLC packs as well, so it’s safe to say that the current version of Pascal’s Wager is packed full of the best content that the game has ever seen. Which means there hasn’t been a better time to buy it.

If you’re a fan of the likes of Dark Souls and Bloodborne, you’re definitely going to get on well with Pascal’s Wager. Even if you’re not, there’s loads to like here, from the slick graphics to the gore-oozing beasts and the exciting story.

And right now you can get all of that for just $4.99. Click here and you can grab Pascal’s Wager from the App Store for that, quite frankly ridiculously low price.