Pick up the Monster Rancher Games for Cheaper Than Usual Right Now

For the first time since they launched on the App Store at the end of last year, Monster Rancher and Monster Rancher 2 are on sale. It’s to celebrate Golden Week in Japan, and it means you can bag yourself two of the finest monster breeding games for a lot less than usual.

These are way more than just Pokemon clones, throwing in a whole bunch of bright and shiny ideas that are going to keep you playing for hours on end. There are loads of different monsters to collect, train and combine in each of the games, and plenty of fights to be had as well.

You can even download monsters from other real world trainers and compete against them in frantic battles to the KO. Both of the games are loads of fun, and a glimpse back to a weirder and more experimental era of gaming.

You’ve got 200 monsters to find in the first game and 400 in the second, for a grand total of a boat-load of monsters. You’re even giving birth to monsters via the medium of music. There’s so much going on that we really can’t do it all justice in a single post. Your best bet is just buying the games.

And to that end, we’ve got some download links incoming. Click on the name of the game you fancy below to download it from the App Store right this second.

Monster Rancher – was $15.99, now $11.99

Monster Rancher 2 – was $22.99, now $16.99