Pikmin Bloom Launching Worldwide in the Next Few Days

Nintendo and Niantic’s wandering-around AR adventure has just soft-launched in Australia and Singapore, and we’re expecting it to launch globally over the next few days. So if you want to make flowers and friends while you walk, you’re in luck.

The game tracks your footsteps and allows you to make friends with seven different kinds of Pikmin. You can pluck petals from their heads and plant them to leave a blooming trail behind you as well. Then you get to look back at the day and remember all the lovely fun you had.

It’s definitely going to have a different rhythm to Pokemon Go’s catch-’em-all drive, but if you’re looking to add a little bit of charm to your daily rambles, and you don’t mind giving Google loads of information about you for nothing, then you’re probably going to love this one.

The game is currently in soft-launch in Australia and Singapore, but a global launch is definitely on the way. We imagine within the next couple of days everyone is going to be wandering around looking at digital flowers instead of the real ones that are dying around them.

You can get more information about Pikmin Bloom from its official website by clicking here, and keep an eye out for it on your local App Store in the next few days.